.roomed ends.

cherriaty : "You'll be wide insea":
as if I could comoonicage :
I redune what I've loved to dun.
re.post.moral :
mourning has broken colou:red and the purpleshaped: coloradius of lips.sliding on facsimilar resigned faces pillowing the eyeshells:
"your" make me releave the cliché riddance of coralrecorded preedged combatruth, like "well, it's just the way it is.." . .. . .. . ."I" is not.
So "me" steps off the know.ledge for you to
come out, shape means and do all the dreamage to unmirror the smilemarked figures of the handship of "mine".

"love is an elevator".
the subgahnian pureture promoved proverbs to proverse us : the past principal of motoring:
tear : the strife-belt.
the someset strip: the restride heavanues:
they acre us in diamatresses:
"Please don't care[ss]:
regrain the basicandled "World Wide Will" and
my will world wide
and you will widen world for the youge in me:
the sirenbirds and the vermines of blueth."

still flowers made us cryme.
part 2 : - roomance -
april 10 2003

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