[méthode de points]

the general senses .. at
some roadside behind your season : a triplet of hidden alternatives hopes.

Sie erzählten von/in(fall in.fall out)/about soft laws : the reflecting wind. satiny: satinitime. the we:skin. un.straint. paperblue [ satinado ] inbetween: "sagtest Du" : en:forster my machinity. " nurse etwas ". (beschriebenes : einfalten) + being
filed in the nuclearchive of emnitiredness : our
uncore chestroom.
gleit.stand: the cold mountaint.: in the eyevory: . run away, Dolphin a.wait.

the web of nites. [perspective drawings) règle metallique: tracer:
sou-bois : sans mot. sans moi.

19. März 2003